Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Organ Donation

In Her Eyes one of the key threads turns on an organ donation. It is a core starting point of our story. In the book we touch on fact and fiction surrounding organ transplants. We try to focus on the positive aspects of this amazing gift.

Not long ago I had a conversation with the Marin County California coroner about organ donation and transplants. He told me that most people think that a donor can save three or four lives, maybe up to 8, however, one donor can save or positively impact up to 29 people. That's a tremndous gift to give when you think about saving that many lives. When I joined Brenda Novak and Allison Brennan on a tour of the Sacramento County morgue several months ago their Forensic supervisor confirmed that yes, if you donate you can positively impact an incredible number of lives.

In Her Eyes, we create a fictional positive impact from a transplant. I enjoyed going down that road, looking at pulling together metaphysical, fact, fiction and a smidge of the paranormal into what I think is a really cool story.

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