Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Her Eyes 2 and my vacation

Vacation starts in ohhhhh about 47 hours and I can't wait!

Book signing with Carolyn Jewel and Margaret Lucke Saturday

Wednesday starts RWA and each day the plans get better and better and then I have a week off to write. This year I plan to add 60,000 words to Her Eyes 2 and tell Mike Malone's story. Today I saw the perfect house for my haunted house in Her Eyes 2 -- yes, there's a haunted house in the know those creepy Victorians that have the upstairs dormer windows that look like two eyes peering out at you....the ones with the peeling paint, grayed out shingles from weather and lack of care and the black iron fence surrounding it....and the overgrown yard...that kind of house.

Nice place for a heroine to live.

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