Friday, November 14, 2008

Ghost Whisperer and Walk-ins

What a surprise tonight when on Ghost Whisperer Jim became a walk in!

I'm not a big television watcher. There's a few shows that catch my attention and them half way for the most part. I watched Ghost Whisperer when it first came on and from the beginning I expected Melinda's husband to die. I never felt there was a connection between the two, any chemistry. Now the paranormal investigator guy, there was a connection there. Around year 3 it seemed to get pretty dark and I wasn't too into it. The thing I like about James Van Praagh is that he doesn't see the other side as all sweetness and light. He's a realistic about it and will tell you what you were here is what you are there. You don't suddenly become a goody two shoes if you've been nasty around here.

Three years ago - in fact three years ago this month, Jennifer Cloud and I started writing Her Eyes which was released with Amira Press in January of this year. In the story we have a woman die and there is a walk in. We go into detail about just how the walk in happens and what it means.

Last week I caught the end of Ghost Whisperer and did get a little teary when Jim, the husband character died. I expected it to happen a few years ago, but it was still sad. Well! What a surprise tonight when at the end of the show he becomes a walk in -- in pretty much the same way Jennifer and I have it happen in Her Eyes! It'll be interesting to see just how the television show plays out -- and if there is a dramatic battle between the spirits for the body.

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